Sunday, March 14, 2010

Favorite Finds Series

New discoveries are pretty golden.  Think for a moment about the last you discovered something new that you liked - a product, an idea, a place, a book, a food concoction, a new hobby (I'll leave humans out because that's a bit more complicated).  A nice feeling, eh? Personally, I love these moments, and I equally love how ones likings can leave a little trail as to ones twists and turns in growth and development, some things staying the same, and some things changing. Looking back at these likings is perhaps a personal anthropology study, providing remembrances and indicators as to who a person was at a certain point in time. A lot of who we are is a result of what we like, and what makes us happy, right?  Maybe I'll start an "I Like" journal to capture my own twists and turns and straight lines.  I'll keep it separate from my "Idea" journal and my "Quotes" journals. 

Crazy talk or not, I notice all the time things I really enjoy and I make a mental note of the liking.  And with the advent of brands on Twitter (to talk purely of consumer likings for a moment), I find that if I really like a particular brand or product, I am excited to interact with that brand via Twitter, and most are equally excited about my loyalty or self-generated evangelism.

What I'd like to try over the next couple of blog posts, is to share my favorite finds. Yet because there are quite a few of them, I'll group them into categories.  Personally, I love reading other "favorite-d" lists by other people (Oprah is famous for this with her "O List").  So off I go.

(photo courtesy of drp)


  1. An "I Like" journal is a great idea! The thought of having a cluster of likings in one place to review at your leisure seems like a mighty wide smile just waiting to happen.

  2. glad you agree :) now start writing down all your recipes, favorite music, favorite workouts... you better get a 2inch binder...

  3. I like the tent story. Hearing about two tools camping in an apartment is always good for a laugh.