Friday, April 16, 2010

Impending Rain

Such an odd sight
is the sky before the impending rain
the horizon
a fading slate grey
against the brightest granny smith sour apple green
the thick, full leaves
a swishing sea of florescence
as the rain charges in
a splinter of dotted lines on my window
the air suddenly cools
and then comes the rush
a fury of swishing, swashing, blurrying
as all open spaces
are filled up
commanding its presence
until it is gone.
-Lauren Modeen


  1. Today, I basked in florescence, now I'm a swooning semantician splashing in the waves of my swishing sea. I did say "waves," right? ;)

  2. This is lovely! Actually makes rain sound. . . appealing. ;)

    Thanks so much for your comment about my EL-LENd a Hand video, Lauren! I really appreciate the support. :) (guess that wasn't exactly conventional marketing tactics, though, huh? But hey, we self-published authors have to think outside the big printing house!).

    PS I remember being near Bethesda when I was doing research in College Park, Maryland (my PhD was on Katherine Anne Porter, and all her stuff is stored at the university there). Nice to "meet" another English major! :)