Monday, June 14, 2010

Rethink DC

Get ready for a 5 Second Word Association!


Washington DC.


What words come to mind? 

Monolithic?  Stodgy?  Politicians?  American flags?

Sorry, I'll let you fill in your own.

How about...

Creative.  Technology.  Flamingos (see below).

Little by little, DC is proving itself as cool, creative, and cutting edge.  Cool thinkers, cool parties, cool innovation.

One vibrant example?  A little proof in the pudding if you will?  DC Capital Week.  June 11 - 20!  

If you live in the DC area, and haven't heard of this event yet, then there's probably a good chance you haven't heard of the oil spill or the ongoing World Cup either.  Or that the Celtics are kicking the Lakers behinds.  Go Green!  Just type #dcweek into Twitter, and you'll find as many tweets as PBR's that were handed out at the opening party at the Longview Gallery.

Since the week is full steam ahead of us, check out the schedule (practically overwhelming!) and join in!  And if you feel the need to bring a blow up flamingo along for the ride, or plastic dinosaurs, or anything else for that matter - - more power to you.

And please.  Rethink DC.  We're actually pretty kicking.

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If you're as excited as I am, share!  Oh, and if you're in the mood for some social media chatter, I'll be at the Social Media happy hour my Young AFCEA Bethesda chapter is hosting.  At Current Bar in Dupont - mmm.

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