Wednesday, July 7, 2010

10 Reasons Why #NGG10 Rocked

Hey guys,

I'll lay it out there for you.  Coming out of a conference with 200+ emerging government leaders and priceless mentors is leaving me with a better jolt than 3 sugar-free redbulls could swing.  Since I'm so ramped up, my head is not quite yet forming complete sentences, so I'll write this post in list form.  First, a big shout out to @Govloop and @YGL for putting on this extremely valuable forum.

10 Reasons why the Next Generation of Government Summit (#NGG10) Rocked.

1. Govies helping Govies.  In a best-practices, actionable, and human way.

2. People really are your biggest resource, and that is exactly what #NGG10 is all about.  The Govhood of Success baby!

3. M&M dispenser

4. 2 days jam-packed with kicking keynotes, pertinent panels, and anything-but-passe plenary speakers. 

5. The phrase "Open a can of whoop ass" was used.  Several times.

6. Internet + cell phone service worked.  And hundreds of tweets ensued.

7. Mingle sticks.  You heard me.

8. Government Bingo.  With Chris Dorobek.

9. Crowd was tasked to think of 1000 awesome things about government.  And we all know the power of positive thinking!

10. This is just the start.  Let the grounds start rumbling!

Caveat - this is a fraction of the positive take-aways one could write...I'm sure we'd all love to hear what you think!


  1. As usual you rock as well Lauren!

  2. Kathleen - so thoughtful. Thanks for your comment. It was such a memorable event with movers and shakers like yourself. Lots of opportunity here!!

  3. Lauren - so glad you found the conference valuable. Was awesome to be a part of it. Cheers!

  4. Lauren,
    Good list! This was one of the most energizing conferences I ever spoke/worked.

  5. Thanks Nick. You were every bit of smart, funny, and sassy Canadian. We're so lucky to have had you. Come back next year :)

  6. Thanks Scott. You did a phenomenal job at Bridging the Gap.

  7. Great list! I think the mingle sticks and bingo rocked for helping initiate more conversations between govies.